Welcome to our website where we specialise in capturing memories of your family, lifestyle, and beloved pets. We understand that these moments are precious to you and we are honoured to be able to preserve them for a lifetime. If you are looking for a fun and relaxed photoshoot that shows your unique bond then you've come to the right place. 

I began photographing people and sporting events many years ago throughout the world but Italy in particular where I was surrounded by stunning scenery and beautiful people - every day was a photo opportunity.

Having returned to the UK, I now specialise in photographing children and families. I am privileged to be able to meet and photograph so many amazing groups, to watch how they interact, laugh, play and communicate together and create dynamic photo portfolios for the families.

My smiles begin with youMy smiles begin with youthe beauty of an outdoor photography session is that it becomes stress free for the parents - even of 2 lively small boys! It allowed us to capture this moment so many best friends.    Pets and children - pets and children photographyso many best friends. Pets and children - pets and children photography WildHoneyChristmasWindowBackdrop_4WildHoneyChristmasWindowBackdrop_4


My photography style is relaxed, unposed and no one needs to be on their 'best behaviour' which leads me onto our new service, we now also offer pet photography! This has already given us so many hilarious moments in the studio - who said never work with children and animals? Definitely not us, we love you all. Come and see us and let's catch those magic moments forever!

We offer you outdoor photoshoots in a location of your choice ( within 10 mile radius of Gloucester) or a studio shoot in central Gloucester, your choice. Whatever you choose we will make sure you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the session and we promise to deliver images that truly capture the essence of your family. 

Following the photoshoot you will be invited to view your pictures in comfort with coffee and cakes at our studio in Quedgeley, Gloucester. 


If you are looking for more formal photographs we can also offer professional headshots for your business, at your office or our studio. 

Please do contact me if you would like more information and once again, thank you for coming to my site!